To understand the solutions we provide, we must tell you about the problems. Currently, processing wastes involves heating to a high temperature and burning off the material around the desired product. This requires a lot of energy and releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere; into the air you, me, and our children breath. The solution? Sep-all. Our innovative recovery technique allows us to recover our nano-materials with better efficiency, less energy, and no toxic byproducts.

To back ourselves up, our process and equipment have been patented, proving the uniqueness of our solution.

Here at Sep-all, we strive for a synergistic win-win culture. We work around the clock to bring our customers consistent, high-quality micro- & nano-materials. Our Research & Development team has a patented carbon negative process for extracting the highest quality materials from waste. This process also allows us to bring you products at a lower price than the competition.

The masterminds behind our process, Dr. Martin Thuo and Dr. Chris Frankiewicz, are highly skilled leaders in their field of expertise. We are creating unique nano-materials the world has never seen, for applications where such materials couldn’t be applied in the past. We believe that our process has the power to reduce carbon emissions while providing the materials required to advance technology into a new age.

If you are interested in sampling our unique nano-materials for research, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are actively looking for distributors for fruitful collaboration!