Sep-All Team


Chris co-founded Sep-All and is currently the Managing Partner. He is a multidisciplinary Research Engineer (Mechanical engineer by training) with 7 years of experience in leading research, development and implementation of novel micro-systems and materials for Microelectronics, surface/interface engineering, mass and energy transfer, fluid dynamics, and more recently Materials engineering through frugal innovation principles. Chris has also previously held mid-level managing positions in small businesses.


     MARTIN     THUO

Martin co-founded Sep-All and is the Scientific Director for Sep-All. Martin was a nanoscale science and engineering postdoctoral fellow at Harvard in George Whitesides’ lab. Martin was named “Black & Veatch building a world of difference faculty fellow”. Martin is a professor at ISU and is affiliated to the Critical Materials Institute, an entity incorporated into Ames National lab. Martin is interested in frugal science/innovation that is the ability to minimize cost and complexity while providing efficient solutions to better the human conditions.

SEP-ALL Advisory board



Bill joined Sep-All team to assist on the business side of the enterprise. Bill started his career as a computer programmer for a company serving a massive United States Department of Defense contract and then held a consulting position at Deloitte. Most importantly, Bill was also a Chief Technological Officer at Wells Fargo, the CEO of Mortgage Hub and ISGN that he led from 0 to $40 million and $200 million in revenue, respectively. He was also the SVP of Ellie Mae that he successfully led to IPO. Bill is currently the director of entrepreneurship at Iowa State University and the president of the startup factory, an incubator/accelerator for startups at Iowa State University. Bill has a skill set in entrepreneurship that is hard to match.