Products By Industry


Lubricant Additives

Anti-wear and antioxidant additives for your lubricants.


Paint Additives

Antimicrobial, electrically and/or thermally conductive additives for your paints.

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Materials for Agriculture

Antimicrobial and environmentally friendly lubricants, insecticides, fungicides, mildew preventive.


Cosmetics Additives

Bio-compatible, antimicrobial, antioxidant, UV filter additives for your cosmetics.


Electronics Materials

Electrically conductive and UV transparent materials for touchscreens

Sep-All is dedicated to providing a unique supply stream of critical materials and nano-materials by using a patented, innovative recovery process on waste. Our first line of products focuses on the production of indium and copper nano-materials from solder and brass wastes.

Coming in 2019 and 2020, our second line of products will consist of gold and neodymium critical materials which are produced from electronics waste.