Product Catalog

We manufacture copper and indium compounds micro-powders and nano-materials.

Please find below an example of our current products. Sizes, Form and Shape can be adjusted to your needs. Contact us.


Product Geometries

We offer geometries of nano-materials that have never been seen before!


We are experienced in providing consulting services to engineer materials for your needs or develop new products not listed on our catalog.

Our organization is open to sending free samples for research and testing.

Products By Industry


Lubricant Additives

Anti-wear and antioxidant additives for your lubricants.


Paint Additives

Antimicrobial, electrically and/or thermally conductive additives for your paints.

Agriculture products.jpg

Materials for Agriculture

Antimicrobial and environmentally friendly lubricants, insecticides, fungicides, mildew preventive.


Cosmetics Additives

Bio-compatible, antimicrobial, antioxidant, UV filter additives for your cosmetics.


Electronics Materials

Electrically conductive and UV transparent materials for touchscreens

Sep-All is dedicated to providing a unique supply stream of critical materials and nano-materials by using a patented, innovative recovery process on waste. Our first line of products focuses on the production of indium and copper nano-materials from solder and brass wastes.

Coming in 2019 and 2020, our second line of products will consist of gold and neodymium critical materials which are produced from electronics waste.